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Face of FIT 2011

In June 2011 we got together with the Hereford Times and Herefordshire Society Magazine and ran a competition to find THE FACE OF FIT.

For the two lucky winners who were the perfect fit, there was a fabulous prize package. Not only were they the face of FIT’s online and in-store marketing for autumn and winter 2011, they also starred in professional photoshoots with Jay Watson, won £500 of vouchers to spend in FIT, hair and beauty makeovers at Peter Prosser and Beautiful Spirit and a VIP night out worth £200 with three friends at Saxtys. And that’s not all – the prize also included a year’s membership at Sixth Sense Gym.

We are proud to announce that the winners of THE FACE OF FIT 2011 were Emily Jones and Samai Chichester. They starred in several photoshoots for FIT over the year, and these are some of the best photos.

Being the First Faces of FIT

What – or who – made you enter Face of FIT?

  • EMILY: I didn’t see it, but Mum did and said I should enter. Then when I told my friends about it, they said I should enter it, too.
  • SAMAI: It was the very last day before the closing date and friends asked if I’d seen it and told me I should enter and I quickly found some pictures and uploaded them.

How did you feel when you heard you’d made the final 12?

  • EMILY: I had an email a little while later to say that I was in the final, and that was enough for me. I thought that was amazing.
  • SAMAI: Because I’d entered at the last minute I’d almost forgotten about it. Then, when I heard I’d got through and saw the others I thought they all looked great and didn’t know what to expect of the finals.

What was it like being in the finals at Saxtys?

  • EMILY: It was really good fun. I’d never been in front of a camera like that before (Jay Watson Photography was on hand to ‘screen-test’ the finalists), and it was quite scary! I didn’t mind if I didn’t get any further. I was happy with getting to the final, and I didn’t get my hopes up. I went away thinking that I’d had a really good day.
  • SAMAI: It was pretty much my first time in front of a camera, too, but it was great working with Jay. I went away a little bit uncertain about whether I was what the judges were looking for, but I felt pretty good and I’d had a good session with Jay, who’d made me feel really comfortable. I felt quietly confident, but I didn’t want to invest too much in it.

And how did you feel when you learned that you’d been chosen as the first Face of FIT?

  • EMILY: I didn’t get the email until I got home from work at one in the morning, and I woke everyone up. It was honestly a life changing moment. I was on a high all week, and I was so happy when I found out that Samai was the other winner.
  • SAMAI: I think I did a little dance and my mum gave me a massive kiss – it’s always good to be successful.

What’s life been like since you won?

  • EMILY: It’s really been life-changing for me. I was working in a bar when I entered and I’d still be there if I hadn’t won the competition. I’ve got a new job, new friends and a new outlook on life. I’ve got more confidence and more ambition. It’s also shown me what I want to do in the future. I was interested in fashion before but now I’m thinking about going back to college to do a fashion course. Oh, and people recognise you too!
  • SAMAI: Like Emily, I’ve got a new job, new friends, but my ambition to become an actor is the same as it was when I entered. The acting dream is still alive – can’t kill that bug. It has certainly opened doors, introducing me to people like Jay and everyone at Peter Prosser.

What would you say to people thinking about entering this year’s competition?

  • EMILY: Do it. If I hadn’t been encouraged I wouldn’t have entered it, it wouldn’t have occurred to me and I’d have missed all this.
  • SAMAI: You have absolutely nothing to lose, and whole bunch to gain, so why not? I’d do it all again – it’s been a good old ride.

Face of FIT 2011 Finalists – Girls

Runner Up - Laura WalfordRunner Up - Laura Walford

Runner Up – Laura Walford

Alex WilsonHollie Sparrow
Jenny MillerMegan Philips

Alex Wilson – Hollie Sparrow
Jenny Miller – Megan Philips

Face of FIT 2011 Finalists – Guys

Runner Up - Patrick LeeRunner Up - Patrick Lee

Runner Up – Patrick Lee

Charlie BeamentDaniel Morawieki
Jonathan KittoTim Jones

Charlie Beament – Daniel Morawieki
Jonathan Kitto – Tim Jones

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They may not be used without prior written permission from Jay Watson and FIT.